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Post Divorce Estate Planning To Do List

Friday, Nov 30, 2018

Wills are important to express your desires in the event of your untimely death. It is especially important to have one if you have accumulated a great deal of wealth. Although drawing up a will is not the most pleasant subject to think about, you will have to go through the process at least once. […]

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How and When You Should Change Your Will

Monday, Nov 26, 2018

Your last will and testament governs how you want your property distributed, who should care for your children, and who should handle your affairs after you pass away. After you sign a will, circumstances may change that necessitate revision of your will. What kinds of circumstances will require you to change your will? There are […]

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Estate Planning and Gifting

Friday, Nov 23, 2018

When most people decide to create an estate plan, they think it will simply indicate which individuals get certain aspects of the estate. However, it is often not this easy. For many people who decide to create an estate plan, they often fail to recognize not only how they can maximize the estate’s value through […]

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