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How to Avoid Probate Court

Friday, Sep 28, 2018

What is Probate? Probate is a judicial process whereby the property of the diseased is distributed to the beneficiaries. Most people would want to avoid probate at all costs. This is because the process is tedious and costly compared to proper estate planning. There is a popular notion that a will can prevent probate. On […]

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Is a Will Enough?

Thursday, Sep 27, 2018

Most Effective Ways of Creating Your Estate Plan Having an estate plan is one of the best ways of relieving your grieving family members from pain. Most people do not realize the importance of having an estate plan in place probably because they are oblivious of the suffering and agony that those left behind undergo. […]

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Divorce and your Estate Plan

Monday, Aug 20, 2018

Divorce and your Estate Plan Going through a divorce can be a very challenging and stressful situation. One of the things that can make it even more difficult is when you have to split up assets with your former spouse. If you are going through a divorce, hiring an attorney is a practical necessity to […]

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