Client Successes

Client Successes

Case Summaries

CohenAmason was retained by a business owner who was deadlocked with his 50% partner. CohenAmason discovered that the partner was inappropriately diverting business to another company and obtained a $2 million recovery for our client.

  • CohenAmason handled the U.S. aspects of a $500 million divestiture by a multinational manufacturing client.
  • As special estate and tax counsel in a legal malpractice lawsuit relating to complex estate tax and fiduciary issues, CohenAmason identified and helped recover $2 million of damages.
  • When one client faced a considerable estate tax exposure, CohenAmason’s estate planning techniques helped to eliminate almost all estate tax exposure for its client’s estate valued at $126 million.
  • CohenAmason prosecuted a breach of fiduciary duty claim resulting in the early termination and the distribution to its client of a $3 million trust.
  • In June of 2017, CohenAmason closed a $2.5 million acquisition of a steel fabricating company.
  • In a will dispute case resolved by the Georgia Supreme Court, CohenAmason’s client was awarded a 25% interest in a $3 million estate.
  • Our client, a small business faced a loss of revenue due to the breach of a business contract by a customer. CohenAmason intervened and negotiated a settlement of the business dispute without the need for lengthy and costly arbitration or litigation.
  • Our client, a small but growing construction company, faced several challenges internally and externally. As the Company expanded its operations, the company required more comprehensive operating agreements. Further, as its projects grew, so did its contractual risk. CohenAmason counseled the company as to organizational matters and drafted operating agreements suited to their particular needs. CohenAmason also re-drafted the service agreements and allocating risk among the parties while clearly delineating responsibilities which minimized our Client's contractual risk.


We've enjoyed great success—and peace of mind—since beginning our working relationship with Tom and his team nearly two decades ago. His firm has always been extremely knowledgeable in matters pertaining to our business and, as a result, will continue to be our trusted legal counsel for years to come. - Jeff E. 2016

Jeff helped me out with my specific questions and did not load me up with a bunch of legalese jargon that I could not understand. After talking with Jeff I was able to do what I needed and quickly based on our conversation. - Brian D, 2017

Jeff has been very helpful to my business by reviewing and offering legal advice that aided my firm in shedding risk and providing contract review that lead to successful contract awards. With a great understanding of construction and contract law, his insight and experience helped me negotiate from a better position. With a background in business and being an engineer as well, he was a perfect fit for us. He's my go to guy for legal support as well as just bouncing some business ideas off of. - Mark W., 2017

We needed help with the incorporation of our small organization. Being that there is little legal knowledge within the members of our group, we felt uneasy about making sure the process was not only done correctly, but that the bylaws were written to reflect the mission of the organization. Mr. Amason expertly guided us through each and every step. He thoroughly researched the language used by similar groups to provide different examples to us to make sure that we were comfortable with what was being filed. Mr. Amason takes the time to listen to your concerns, factor in all the variables, then patiently explain what all the options are - including what he considers (based on his vast experience) is the best course of action. - Joel W., 2017

Representative cases

Georgia Supreme Court: Davis v. Parris, 289 Ga. 201 (2011)

United States Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit: In re: MBA POULTRY, L.L.C., Debtor.
Dapec, Inc., Appellant, v. Small Business Administration, U.S., Defendant/Appellee,
City of Tecumseh, Interested Party, The Money Store; Bird Watchers, L.L.C., Interested Parties/Appellees. DAPEC, INC., Appellee, v. Small Business Administration, U.S.,
Defendant, City of Tecumseh, Interested Party/Appellant,
291 F.3d 528