Business Disputes and Litigation

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business litigation

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and fraud
  • Business breakups
  • Trademark and copyright
  • Minority shareholder issues
  • Collection strategies
  • Non-compete and confidential information issues

All businesses experience operational disputes, especially when contracts are involved. Some issues can be handled internally and resolved between the parties. Unfortunately, many issues escalate and become high-value disputes that can affect or have the potential to shutter ongoing business operations. Such problems require the attention and expertise of seasoned business and litigation professionals – professionals that understand business interests and the legal risks and solutions. When businesses face such situations, it is imperative to have an experienced Atlanta business litigation attorney like the professionals at CohenAmason handling your case.


Before litigation begins, many disputes will first enter a mediation process – a process that consists of each party presenting its case before an independent mediator who seeks to resolve the dispute (more or less) amicably. Typically, each party will be represented by legal counsel during this process. At this stage, compromise is key for both parties as the goal is for the parties to reach a reasonably quick resolution that avoids additional expenditure of legal and business expense. If reached, the resolution is often formalized as a legally enforceable contract between the parties. In the few instances where a resolution cannot be reached, the parties will make their decision as to whether arbitration or litigation is the next step.


Arbitration is similar to mediation. Arbitration involves each party presenting its case before an independent arbitrator who will make the final decision based on the facts and law. The arbitration process will be more formal than mediation with the parties often agreeing to procedural rules of discovery and evidence very similar to litigation. Although arbitration is most applied with the goal of saving time and legal fees, arbitrations can become as labor intensive as formal litigation. As in mediation, the parties are most often represented by legal counsel.

Operational and business disputes can easily upend a business causing unexpected and traumatic consequences.

It is never a good decision to proceed in any formal legal matter without the legal counsel of experienced corporate and business law professionals like those from the Atlanta law firm of CohenAmason.