Estate and Trust Disputes and Collections

Atlanta Estate Planning Lawyer

Atlanta Estate Planning Lawyer

  • Representation of trustees, executors and administrators
  • Representation of trust and estate beneficiaries
  • Representation of creditors of trusts and estates
  • Audit of legal and financial transactions to determine whether fiduciary duties have been breached
  • Analysis of remedies available to beneficiaries and creditors including recovering damages and the removal or replacement of a fiduciary
  • Contested probate proceedings
  • Collection proceedings against estates and trust
  • Termination or modification of undesirable trusts

Oftentimes, estates and trusts can be so complex that it is impossible for a lay-person to understand whether they are being treated fairly and legally. Other times a beneficiary or creditor is simply not receiving sufficient information to understand and evaluate his or her interest. That is why our firm offers estate and trust audit services.

Unfortunately, our firm has encountered numerous situations where this complexity, lack of information or lack of knowledge has been used for shields of malfeasance. Our Atlanta estate planning attorneys have a unique combination of expertise that allows us to understand sophisticated legal documents, esoteric financial and tax records and complex accounting reports. This allows us to better advise our clients regarding the nature of their beneficial interests and the legal options they have.

Georgia law provides a wide range of protections for creditors and beneficiaries of estates and trusts. They may even take control of estates and trusts in certain situations. For example, a creditor or beneficiary can sometimes greatly improve his standing by qualifying as the administrator of an unrepresented estate.

At CohenAmason, our estate planning attorneys in Atlanta have assisted beneficiaries and creditors in recovering millions of dollars and have been instrumental in the early termination of various undesirable trusts. We have also helped fiduciaries successfully navigate highly complex and controversial estates and trusts while avoiding or minimizing their exposure to personal liability.

Contact CohenAmason’s estate planning attorneys in Atlanta for expertise and understanding of the estate planning process.