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Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney

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For all families and individuals, implementing an effective estate plan is one of the most important steps to be taken to preserve wealth for their family. This is even more important for high net worth families and individuals. A good estate plan not only minimizes taxes but provides a platform for the effective management of assets for years to come while minimizing family conflicts. As relationships and families are each unique and reflect the aspirations of the individuals, it is critical to structure estates carefully and thoughtfully.

The attorneys at CohenAmason are adept at crafting creative and effective solutions for all individuals and families. We are particularly skilled in understanding the unique needs and objectives for high net worth clients. We combine our expertise in business and tax law with a broad understanding and working knowledge of estates, trusts and family dynamics to deliver client focused services.

Estate planning is a very important issue for everyone because untimely deaths occur everyday, often leaving major questions regarding how the decedent’s estate will be handled. While many people may only think about estate planning when they have considerable wealth or are at an advanced age, cases can still be very complicated when no legal directive has been left behind. When it is time to establish an estate plan, having experienced legal professionals like the Georgia attorneys of CohenAmason can be a real advantage.

Parents, Minor Children and Adults

Financial obligations and inheritance are not always the only issues following an untimely death or medical situation. Issues such as guardianship of minor children or medical decisions can suddenly become critical. Not to mention that other family members or potential financial claimants can contest a will or assignment of a power of attorney. Individuals incapacitated from an accident or a medical issue will need someone to step in and act in their place concerning serious life decisions following the accident or medical issue.

Preparing for possible situations can be complicated – but an experienced estate-planning attorney understands what potential concerns should be addressed. If you have responsibility for a minor child, then seriously consider establishing a custody directive to guide the Court in the event a Court must make custody decisions for your minor child. Regardless of the level of wealth or life insurance, we all desire confidence that our last wishes will be carried out in the event of an untimely tragedy.

Mature Individuals

Death comes for all, whether naturally or catastrophically. Fortunately, most mature or older individuals will either already have some form of legal directive or be seriously considering establishing some form of legal directive and asset protection. No one should let a level of wealth become a barrier to establishing a Will, including asset protection. Certainly, when more wealth is involved the level of asset protection must increase as well. When assets are not properly protected before death, financial claimants and tax issues can arise – much to the pain of the surviving family. An experienced estate-planning attorney understands all avenues and legal instruments available to protect assets from creditors and taxation. The expertise of your attorney makes a major difference.

If you are considering an estate plan, contact an Atlanta estate planning attorney at CohenAmason. Let us put our years of experience at work for your family. Estates are always important for everyone, and procrastination can create problems when least needed.

Our initial consultation is free. Lets discuss your needs and how we could best structure your estate for optimal results.