Probate, Estate & Trust Administration

Atlanta Estate Planning Attorneys

Trust Administration

  • Probate of Wills
  • Probate of estates when no Will exists (Intestate)
  • Complex estates and trusts
  • Compliance with fiduciary responsibilities
  • Advising Executors, Administrators, and Trustees
  • Advising heirs and beneficiaries
  • Advising creditors of estates
  • Income tax issues affecting estates and trusts
  • Business issues affecting estates and trusts
  • Estate and gift tax issues
  • Post-death tax planning and disclaimers
  • Estate tax returns
  • Compliance with Probate Court requirements
  • Finalizing and settling the estate or trust
  • Resolving family conflicts
  • Estate and Trust Audits and Disputes
  • Family Harmony
  • Special Needs Trusts

When a loved one dies, the responsibilities of administering an estate or trust can be confusing and overwhelming. Executors, administrators and trustees have a fiduciary duty to carry out the decedent’s wishes and to address all business and tax issues in a prudent manner. This fiduciary duty is owed to all beneficiaries and creditors of the estate or trust.

At CohenAmason, we have a broad working knowledge of estates and trusts, including complying with probate laws, addressing ongoing business and tax issues, properly accounting for estate and trust transactions, and settling estates and trusts as efficiently as possible while minimizing the impact of family conflict.

Few firms possess our combined expertise in business law, tax law, and general estate and trust law as well as years of practical experience successfully navigating the competing interests of family members, creditors and tax authorities.

Often, families or individuals hold assets in multiple states and require knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance in these unique situations.

Our Atlanta estate planning attorneys can help fiduciaries with every aspect of the probate and administration process and can help heirs and beneficiaries understand and realize their full inheritance.